Extend visit visa in Dubai

Can I extend my 90 days visit visa in Dubai?

We are going to share some details about extending the visit visa in Dubai, so for tourists who want to stay more than 14 days in Dubai and you are here under the Visit Visa of family visa, business visa or you have any sponsorship, who have UAE Residency, Company in UAE and Hotel operation license in UAE.

There are many ways to extend your visit visas, and we are going to share with you the easiest visa extendable way.

Before explaining further, you need to know one important thing, What would be the difference between a tourist visa and a visit visa? 

If you have a tourist visa, then the validity will be only 30 days, and the visit visa valid for 90 days. The tourist visa can’t be extendable. So take care of your last visa date for the renewal penalty.  We will suggest you for renewal before the expiry date, it will cost you 100AED.

Note: You can only renew your visit visa two times maximum and it will for 60 days.

extend visit visa of dubai

How to extend my visit visa in Dubai?

  1. Visit the DNRD office
  2. Drive over the UAE border

We are only sharing the 2 most and common ways, that visitors use for extending visit visas in Dubai.

1. Visit the DNRD office.

You can easily extend your visit visa in Dubai, just go to the Department of Naturalization & Residency and pay the visa to extend fee 500AED. If you can pay to visit the visa extending fee, then you will never need to leave the United Arab Emirates.

2. Drive over the UAE border.

This is one another way to extend your visit visa. You need to get an exit stamp from the UAE border and get back by the road drive using a car, local bus service and come to Oman border control and take a ticket and hand over the safety. So by using this ticket and exit stamp now you are eligible for UAE visit visa renewal. Now come back and go to the immigration office to get a new entry stamp and a new visa. That kind of entry visa will cost you only 60AED.

Try this process without holiday time, so you will never face rush on the roads and immigration offices.

visit visa dubai

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